Joey’s History

joeyandboJoey’s Foundation is the vision of youth advocate and avid fly fisherman, Joey Puettman.  Joey has worked with youth for several years as a mentor and Program Director at the Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center in Sheridan, WY.  Joey has also guided on some of the most beautiful public and private waters in Wyoming and Montana.

In 2007, Joey felt it was time to incorporate his passion for fly fishing with his desire to see youth achieve and build self-confidence.  This is what led to the creation of Joey’s Foundation, Inc.

The goal of Joey’s Foundation is to develop a supportive relationship between children and qualified mentors that will lead to lasting relationships and positive learning.  Joey’s strives to introduce children to the special and unique sport of fly fishing while fostering a lifelong passion and appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors.  The Foundation is a safe-haven where participants can have ongoing connections with mentors, peers and the outdoors while being encouraged and recognized for their own potential.  Our tools are amazing and passionate mentors and the great outdoors of Wyoming.

Providing an incredible experience these kids may never otherwise have, the strength of Joey’s Foundation is in its individualized approach to bringing each child the most fulfilling experiences imaginable.  This is realized through personalized instruction and tangible rewards.

Special emphasis is given to relationship building to help reduce risk factors related to school problems, substance abuse, and youth issues.  Joey’s work is ongoing to increase protective factors of community engagement, positive relationships and healthy living skills.

In 2017 Joey's will celebrate the 10th anniversary for the Foundation and year 5 for Joey's Fall Fly.  It's been a wonderful journey and we hope you can celebrate with us!

Joey’s Foundation is a non-profit organization with 501©3 status that operates out of Sheridan, WY.