We would like to introduce you to just a few of our amazing mentors.  These generous volunteers through their passion have given their time and talents for the students we enjoy at Joey's!  Many on this list have been with us for years!  We cannot thank these individuals enough! 

This list is in alphabetically order and includes many other individuals that are not listed!

-Cloud Peak Energy

-Department of Environmental Quality

-USDA Forest Service

- Wyoming Game and Fish

- Ken Carsich

- Paul Dubas

- Dave Horney

- Bob Krumm

- Mike Malone

- Art Orr

-Jason Ruybal

- Brett Smith

- Nate Studevent

- John Sweet

-The many guides of Joey's Fall Fly

Youth Mentors

We have awesome youth mentors that join us each week, many of which are Joey's campers that have returned to give back!  We offer to each of these students our gratitude and pride!  Thank you for passing it forward!