We welcome your gently-used fly and spin fishing gear.

Joey’s Fly Fishing Foundation most often works with donated fishing materials and instructional supplies.  With our growing attendance and very heavy usage, there is a consistent need to replenish all fishing materials including spin and fly rods, leaders, flies, fly tying materials, vices, waders, wading boots and more.  We enjoy students and volunteers of all sizes!  From little to big we are currently in need of all items it takes to hit the water.

JFF is currently looking for more appropriate classroom tables and chairs.  Additional rotational and rising chairs are needed to accommodate the various sizes of our attending students and volunteers.

We ask that you consider sharing your gently used items that would contribute to the success of our programs.  If you cannot bring your donations to our offices, we would gladly schedule an appointment to pick up.

Contact us today to donate!

You will receive tax receipts for any contributions.